Based in the heart of Pembrokeshire, chosen because of its unique environment, unspoiled and uncrowded, an outdoor pursuits paradise! Exciting outdoor activities have been organised at Sealyham Activity Centre since 1986 and offer exhilarating and stimulating experiences for children and adults alike.

Our team of qualified and experienced instructors will work with individuals or small groups to guarantee full personal attention.










We were blown away by the amount of different activities to try out at Sealyham. The staff were incredibly professional and we always felt safe, no matter what activity we were taking part in. We were impressed by the expertise and organisation of the whole team and will be definitely coming back next year!

Jill Williams

We organised a trip to Sealyham as a team-building exercise for the company and cannot recommend them highly enough. Everything was well planned and we were all made to feel welcome by the excellent staff. Everyone agreed that it was a beneficial experience and we left feeling like a tighter-knit group.

Geoff Evans

My daughter came home from a school trip recently at Sealyham Activity Centre and was full of praise for the centre. She’s very fussy but loved the food. She’s not particularly outdoorsy but tried everything on offer and said the instructors were amazing and helpful. She said the rooms were spacious and comfortable.

Barbara Jones

Our Activities

Our History

Sealyham Mansion, a Georgian Country House, the estate consists of 100 acres of seclued woodland and the river Anghof, a tributary of the Western Cleddau, runs though the grounds.

Humble Beginnings

King Edward III granted some land at Sealyham, to Thomas Tucker in the fourteenth century. Tucker was a captain in the King’s army about 1356. From that time “The Tuckers of Sealyham” remained identified with the manor until 1777.Though Tucker signifies a fuller of cloth, there is a tradition that the first Tucker had accompanied William the Conqueror in 1066 to England.

John Tucker Edwards

Known for the creation of the Sealyham Terrier there in the 1800s. John Edwards bred the Sealyham Terrier rare Welsh breed dog. It turned out the last of the descendant family members to live at the Sealyham Mansion was Mrs Catherine Octavia Edwards. She married Victor James Higgon. In 1905, they moved to Treffgarne Hall. Around 1910, portions of the land were sold to the Pembrokeshire County

New Property Built

Tucker married Ursula del Holme and they built a house at this Sealyham property, which is some 200 miles (320 km) southwest of Liverpool. The house was rebuilt in the mid-18th century.The local slate quarries were developed by the family, yet they struggled despite advisor’s having been brought in from North Wales to make improvements and eventually they were closed down.

Old Sealyham Mansion

In 1920, Sealyham Mansion and its immediate associated land were sold to the King Edward VII Welsh National Memorial Association. The estate was converted into a tuberculosis hosptal with 30 beds, from 1923 to 1954. In 1955 it was converted for geriatric patients and but in 1964 it was permanently closed as a medical facility.

Sealyham Saboteurs

During the war years Sealyhams woods played host to a special army sabotage unit nicknamed the “Sealyham Saboteurs”. The 6 man patrol was equipped with explosives and trained in sabotage techniques in case of invasion. The unit, lead by Captain Tommy George of the Harp Inn at Letterston regularly practised raids on local British and American bases and the airfield at Withybush

New Ownership

In 1970, the Sealyham Mansion was sold to Nancy Ellen Perkins. She converted it into an apartment building as rentals. In 1980, it was sold again to an investment firm that used it for an outdoor activities centre.</p> <p>On the 29th September 1986 Sam & Valerie Richards and John and Peggy Hone purchased Sealyham and the Woods and have been improving the house, grounds and activities ever since.

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What We Offer

Schools – KS2

Activity courses for year 4,5 & 6 students that will enhance the development of necessary life skills through the medium of outdoor education in a woodland environment.  We can offer programmes that will challenge students physically and mentally.

KS3,4 & 5 & Colleges

We will tailor an outdoor course to your needs. Any length of stay from 2 to 7 days, with a programme to include as many activities as you choose. If you are close enough why not come along for a non-residential activity day.

Our instructors will spend as much time as necessary encouraging students to participate in each of the activities. However, this will never progress to coercion or force at any time as we respect the right of each person to make that final decision themselves.


Why not bring your family or a group of friends along for a multi-activity break in the heart of Pembrokeshire?

  • You can come for the day or longer
  • You can chose what you want to do
  • You can participate in up to three activities each day. If you prefer to spend your evenings “doing your own thing” or would like to take off by yourselves for an afternoon of sightseeing, you can opt for a programme with as many activities as you choose. Take the opportunity to get to know other people with a similar interest in experiencing new and exciting activities.
Corporate Groups

It has been long accepted that outdoor pursuits can be an effective medium for personal development, enhancing leadership, team building and personal skills.

Our courses are designed to explore and enhance a person’s ability in planning, problem solving, decision making, effective communication, time and resource management.

Each day participants will have the opportunity to analyze their own and their group’s performance. Our instructors will ensure that the main learning points are identified and that group members know how to relate them back to their personal and working life.